the next level of thrifting...

this is where the "thrift" in thrifting comes in--it's not about the amazing finds that aren't available in regular stores. rather, it's saving money on the everyday items that we actually need. as of late, i've come across (and taken home) an unopened box of trader joe's coffee filters (.25), a bunch of washcloths (free at an estate sale giveaway) and most recently, bedsheets.

sheets have long been a thrifting "no" for me. i'm more than happy to cut them up and turn them into lovely things, but for some reason, i feel an ick factor with actually using them. no idea why--after all, we sleep in hotel beds. heck, i've bought my children used diapers. all of lucy's big-girl panties were from a consignment store haul. hudson sleeps on a previously owned crib mattress (a common thrifting "no" for new mamas).

you know what? i actually wish that i'd gone the used mattress route with lucy. with an organic mattress not in our budget at the time, a mattress that's been off-gassing for 6 or 7 years somehow seems the next best thing. all that new-in-box baby stuff is doused with chemicals--both during production and after. i vividly recall the attack on my pregnancy-sensitive nose when jeremy and i took lucy's land of nod crib out of its box. her bedroom window stayed open for a week, just to let the room air out.

back to the sheets. we have an eastern king bed. sheets aren't readily available for it at places such as target--we have to go to higher end department stores or shop online. and most often, they're only available in sets--the fitted, flat and cases all together. well, i don't use the flat sheet (i find it too tangly--anyone out there agree?). i have a great collection of mismatched, vintage pillowcases that bring me much joy, as opposed to the run-of-the-mill, modern options offered by retailers. which means that now and again, i find myself dropping around $45 on what amounts to a bunch of stuff i won't use. and a fitted sheet. ugh.

so i forced myself to suck it up and buy a used sheet for our personal use. cheery yellow, from one of my local thrift stores. it cost me all of $1. i took it home, washed it twice. let it line dry, then tumbled it in the dryer for a few minutes to soften it up. put it on the bed, the four of us slept in it. we woke up in the morning and it was officially ours.

the whole bit went down so smoothly that i bought another used sheet last week. and this time, i only washed it once. ;)

do you have any thrifting obstacles you'd like to overcome? valleygirl to the rescue.


Christina said...

I despise flat sheets too! I always end up get tangled in them. I found a tutorial once on how to make a flat into a fitted but haven't been brave enough to try it yet.

Amber Liddle said...

We are the same way-I only need the fitted sheet! If I do have to get a set I use the flat sheet to sew with--it's great for backing quilts!

I've gotten sheets before, I don't have a problem with it. For the reasons you listed--hotels, buying used diapers, etc. If it's washed, I can deal!

Good to see others out there that are as thrifty as me :)

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Jen said...

I'm laughing that you use "vintage" (used) pillowcases next to your face, but didn't want to use an old sheet for the rest of the bed! Hehe. Way to overcome your fears. :)

lar1203 said...

we don't use flat sheets, either!

Maria said...

I agree about the annoying tangly-ness of the flat sheet but I love them. I MUST wear some type of covering at night and it is simply too hot at the beginning of the night now for anything else!

Josh Healy said...

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kristen f said...

I used to be opposed to shoes, but I would borrow my friends shoes so what's the difference, really? I'm still a little squeamish about shoes that require no socks, but will happily buy a pair where I can slip in a new shoe liner. Nothing is as comfy as pre-broken-in.

Hey I'm giving those pillowcase bags a go and can't find a tutorial online for your superior reversable ones. Could you post dirreciones por favor?

The Silly Canner said...

Our problem is we don't have the great thrift stores that you must have where you live. We have Goodwill, and half of the stuff they sell there I can actually get for less new.

I think it's AWESOME you frequent thrift and second hand places - I WISH I had that readily available to me.