a lucy-bug...

happy halloween! i'm proud to show off my little bug friend, modeling her first halloween costume. i made it using a simple pattern i found at this great website--if you're into crafting for babies & kids, this is an excelent site full of easy tutorials and projects. the nicest part about lucy's costume was that the back part stuck to the shirt with velcro, which made it easy to get her in and out of her carseat & highchair without having to get her undressed.

anyway, lucy's costume is totally eco-friendly--i made it out of felt scrap that my mom had kept around since i was a kid. lucy already owned the pants and shirt, and the super-cute booties were knitted by my brother's girlfriend, who has amazing amounts of crafty talent. nothing new was needed to complete this project... though i did search high & low for a secondhand black onesie that wasn't a turtleneck (i can't stand turtlenecks) but came up with nothing. no matter. people seemed to get the main idea...

lucy says, "my antennas aren't wonky. they're handcrafted with love by my mommy..."

have i mentioned that this little bug is getting ready to crawl? wait, lucy! i'm not ready yet!!!

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