a big bummer...

for my personal shopping situation. 

i heard on the radio today that my much-blogged about, favorite natural drugstore elephant pharmacy has closed it's doors after only six years of business. the current economic downturn has been cited for the closure. no advance notice was given--they simply closed up shop. elephant pharmacy had 3 locations, 2 of which were close to my home and on my regular shopping route. 190 jobs were lost in the closure. 

it's so sad to see an excellent, green-minded company have to shut its doors due to economic distress. elephant pharm offered tons of free classes--midday yoga, baby signing, baby massage, and much more. i was totally looking forward to taking lucy to toddler yoga classes when she turned 1. they offered a huge array of "green" body care, baby care, food, clothing, and supplies for the home. 

i have spent lots of money at elephant pharmacy over the past year, but always felt good about my purchases. now i'll have to look elsewhere--i certainly won't be switching back to the big box pharmacy nearest my home, as they don't carry much of anything i'd want to spend my money on. 

oh, elephant pharmacy i will miss you so. 

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Meg said...

You should give Pharmaca, an integrative pharmacy in the area, a try...this is a real bummer though.