what we're using...

i thought i'd put together a short list of our "daily" products--the stuff we trust enough to have put in the heavy rotation. i was kind of a product junkie before making some real lifestyle changes since lucy's birth. i can now count on fingers the amount of lotions & potions that get used around these parts. our life is certainly simpler (and more affordable) due to the shift. you may have seen me blog about some of these before, but i thought it'd be handy to have them all together now that i've reached bodycare almost-nirvana. here's a rundown, for those looking for great "green" products in an affordable price range:

shampoo & conditioner: trader joe's tea tree tingle
anti-frizz serum, when needed: extra virgin olive oil
body lotion: aveeno naturals daily moisturizing lotion (i can get this at costco!)
toothpaste: trader joe's peppermint 
bar soap: dr. bronner's almond
facewash: local raw honey

for makeup, i use bare minerals foundation and bronzer--this stuff is a little on the pricey side but it lasts forever! i use clinique eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. when these run out, i will be looking for a line that does not include parabens or other nasties in its ingredient list. if anyone has any suggestions, i would LOVE to hear them. 

lipgloss: alba passionfruit lip gloss. so yummy and gives a nice pretty shine, comparable to the stuff i used to use that was basically liquid plastic with some synthetic flavoring & scent. i also use lansinoh lanolin for healing chappy/dry lips. 

for lucy: 

california baby calming hair & bodywash in the bath. olive oil on rare occasions for dry skin. weleda children's tooth gel for her bitty teethies. we do not use rash cream for diaper rash--primarily because she doesn't get rashy, but also because if she does get rashy, i find that fresh air clears the rash quicker than any cream. 

for regular laundry: 

ecos liquid detergent in magnolia & lily scent. this stuff is 100% biodegradable, smells delicious without synthetic fragrances, and has a soy-based softener. 

for cloth diaper laundry: 7th generation delicate care. gets them clean, every time. 

for wool: ecover delicate wash for fine fabrics & wool

for lanolizing: lansinoh lanolin. SO much better than medela. 

for extra whitening & stain removal: oxyclean. pure magic. swear. 

around the house: 

dr bronners & baking soda for pretty much everything that needs a scrub. 
vinegar for the windows. 
a sprinkle of baking soda for stink in the diaper pail. 
an open window for air freshener. 

in the diswasher: trader joes liquid detergent. to be honest, it's not all that great. sometimes the dishes are squeaky clean, sometimes not so much. i have a box of ecover dishwashing tablets that i am itching to try when the tj's stuff runs out. 

as a rinse aid in the dishwasher: vinegar. 

there you have it. life has gotten pretty simple here. i like it. 


hulalula said...

For mascara and eyeliner I can't recommend Honeybee Gardens products highly enough. I LOVE them.

lililanding said...

How does the olive oil and honey work? I have local raw honey in my pantry, but I can't imagine how I would use it as a face wash. Care to explain? :O)

Kelly Marie said...

My only beef with the Weleda tooth gel is that is looks like puss! ewe!

bethy said...

physicians formula came out with an organic line. even the packaging is ecofriendly. i like the blush, bronzer and foundation. as for eye makeup i dont know if they make that yet...

me said...

i second the honeybee gardens.

erin said...

thanks for the suggestions you guys! i knew i could count on you!

lilianding--i just use the honey as a facial wash/scrub. i blogged about it here: http://valleygirlhasbabygoescrunchy.blogspot.com/2008/07/crunch-confession-05.html

kellenberger89 said...

I tried the raw honey face wash and OMG I love it!! I have very dry skin and it makes it feel amazing and it tastes good too...tehe. This time of year(midwest winter) I couldn't find local, but come spring I know just the dealer to get me some. Thanks.

crunchygranolamama said...

Great post! I always like to see what other crunchy moms are loving. I'm in love with ecover tablets! They're the best I've tried. Crunchy Clean is the #1 cloth diaper detergent, in my book. Gets the stinkies out. And Funk Butter is the most amazing all natural deodorant I've ever tried, and I think I've tried them all. Works better than the bad for you stuff. Totally agree with the California Baby. LOVE IT!