is totally un-eco-friendly. just another reason to stay married to my wonderful husband... :)

so my local news station did a big report on this study last night--green is such a media hot topic these days, it seems they'll spin an idea any way they can just to get an eco-edge on it. anyway, here's the basic idea: divorce is bad for the environment because it lowers the per-capita number for each household. instead of having two people living under one roof and running 1 heater, 1 dishwasher, 1 washing machine, etc., you've now got 2 people running 2 heaters, 2 dishwashers, 2 washing machines (which probably aren't full). you get the idea.

to this, i just have to say.... um, duh? i mean, of course a single-occupancy home is going to be a little less efficient per-capita than a double/triple/quadruple occupancy home. of course, having litters of babies to boost a home's occupancy? also not good. the following is a quote from the divorce study article--a little harsh (and unrealistic), don't you think?

"[Couples] don't know the impact on environment from divorce. … After the research is done, it's really simple. Before our research, nobody knew about the impact," he said. "My hope is that they will think about the decision. Also, they can inform other people about the environmental impact of divorce."

i for one don't want to make the divorcees out there (or single people, for that matter), feel bad about their non-green status. you guys are alright in my book. as long as you recycle.

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