responsible packaging? like, seriously?

let me put forth a mini-confession: i do quite a bit of internet shopping. clothes, laundry detergent, makeup, shoes, and let's NOT forget about the diapers! i absolutely love the internet for the simple fact that i can get practically anything that i want delivered to my doorstep within a matter of days. some even say that shopping online is better for the environment than driving from store to store (i have my doubts about this, though). at any rate, shopping online certainly falls short on the eco-friendly spectrum when it comes to packaging.

just for fun, here are the top 3 offenders that i can list off of the top of my head:

#3: the goodmama. average-sized box holding 6 diapers, each individually wrapped in a plastic bag. not an egregious packaging faux pas, but totally unnecessary, in my opinion. of course, "new in package" goodmamas are known to resell for well over $100 on diaperswappers.com--yes, there really are such things as collectible poo-catchers.

#2: victoria's secret: along the same lines as the goodmama--right sized box, but each item wrapped in plastic. box filled with crumpled paper (are my undergarments considered prone to damage in transit?). to top it all off, the addition of a thick catalog. um, marketing team? not only did i just make a purchase, but i did so online--trust me, i don't need a catalog to get the job done.

#1: pottery barn: massive cardboard box--think 3' x 2', and that's a conservative recollection. the entire box filled with packing peanuts. and submerged within, an 8 x 10 photo frame. boxed, of course. the upside? the frame wasn't broken. the downside? peanuts all over my living room. an overflowing recycling bin. total irritation on the part of a 9-month pregnant valley girl.

i was totally impressed to get my recent order from simpleshoes.com. besides being a very cool company that uses loads of eco-friendly materials (hemp, organic cotton, recycled soda bottles, recycled rubber, etc.), they also set a standard when it comes to responsible packaging. our 3 pairs of sandals were packed tightly into a box not much larger than a regular shoebox. each pair of sandals was packaged in a compostable cornstarch bag. the sandals had a little hanger-type thing keeping them together--also totally compostable. no catalogs, no air-filled plastic tubes, no peanuts. not a trace of plastic, actually, in the whole box, unless you count the tape on the outside. way to go, simple. you've earned my love. and as a result, i'm totally digging these shoes for lucy--organic cotton, recycled plastics, free shipping. and although i have a sinking feeling they're made in china (our flip flops were), the good is outweighing the bad at this point. aren't they cute?!

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miamihoney said...

Crate and Barrel tops my list of terrible packaging offenders! I will have to check out simple shoes.