do you think lucy is ready for bathtime fingerpainting? i mean, she'll be 10 months tomorrow and all...

i stumbled across this fun recipe for make-your-own bathpaints tonight, and am really looking forward to trying it as soon as lucy's "everything, in my mouth, now!" phase starts to wane a bit. i'm also wondering if these could be made with natural colorings--anyone have any ideas? blueberry juice? beet juice? do i just have too much time on my hands?

i did find these instructions for creating naturally-colored cake icings... though i'm not too sure on how the use of such ingredients would go over for bathtime. avacados and berries are what i'm usually trying to get off of my kid, hence the bath in the first place.

Yellow: Add 1/4 tsp and a large pinch of stale turmeric to the icing. Turmeric is often used to give vegan puddings and tofu scrambles that "eggy" shade. This is a good use for turmeric that's past its prime, since stale turmeric is fairly flavor neutral.

Blush: Using a sieve, mash the juice from 3 fresh or thawed frozen raspberries directly into the icing.

Mint green: With a fork, mash 1/4 of a small avocado until creamy. Mix this into your icing. [The avocado makes your icing thinner, but in a fluffy, pleasant way.]

Raspberry: Using a sieve, mash the juice from 6 fresh or thawed frozen blueberries and 6 fresh or thawed frozen blackberries directly into the icing.


T.J. and Jen said...

liquid chlorophyll is absurdly dark green - definitely as green as food coloring - but the stuff I have is really salty. Lucy probably wouldn't like to eat it at all! haha

Renee said...

i've purchased veggie food coloring online and at whole foods. it works well, but it stains a bit.