are you thinking about christmas?

personally, i'm not. i'm thinking more about getting valley baby #02 out of my belly and into the world where he/she belongs. the due date officially arrives in just a few hours.

but for those of you thinking about the upcoming holiday season, check out this program through home depot. you bring in your old or broken incandescent lights for recycling, and they give you $3 off of a box of LED lights. so your old junk gets turned into new stuff, and you get safer, more energy-efficient lights for your tree.

now, is it really eco-friendly to bring in old-style lights that still have life left in them? after all, these new LED lights didn't just pop out of thin air--they had to be manufactured which results in resources used and waste created. but LED's require 80% less energy to run, and can last up to 10 times longer than incandescent light strings.

i say it's a wash. i personally won't be digging through my christmas boxes in search of lights anytime soon--there are more pressing matters such as refolding the items in my hospital bag, sewing my gazillionth newborn diaper, and soaking up these last sweet moments of true one-on-one time with lucy.

unless there's a chance that rooting through my christmas boxes will bring about labor--if so you'll find me in the attic, digging away!

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