i've been waiting for this...

out of all of the (many) diapers that i made for baby hudson, this was my absolute favorite. i finally got to put it on his little bottom today now that he's lost his umbilical cord and the higher rise won't irritate it. so on it went--with mama squealing in delight.

well, he wore it all of 2 minutes before dirtying it up for me. no worries though--that's the beauty of cloth. he'll wear it again tomorrow.

and check out the baby belly--it's full of good mama milk & now sports the cutest little outie i've ever seen... so sweet.


Anonymous said...

adorable!! What pattern and fabric do you use for your diapers? They look so comfy and soft!

RLS-K said...

oh! i'd like to know what pattern you use as well...the diapers are just all too cute!! we're expecting baby #2 next july and we're going to go cloth for this one :) i'm inspired by your blog...you make it seem not so scary at all!!