like flies to vinegar?

i always though the saying was "like bees to honey," didn't you?

anyhow, we've been hit with a maddening case of fruit flies (i blame lucy for only eating half of the bananas and persimmons that i offer her). they've also been swarming our indoor compost bucket. we kind of just lived with them on and off during the summer months, but since their recent return, i'd happened to pick up some apple cider vinegar at the store--i'd read that it can be helpful in combating these annoying little bugs. i poured some into a bowl, added a drop of dish soap (which breaks the surface tension of the acv so they drown) and let it set out for a couple hours. i caught all of the flies! they're gone.

most of you probably aren't dealing with fruit flies this late in the year, but keep it in mind for next summer. i wish i had tried it earlier!


Boo, Jax and Bo said...

Thank you for this tip - I am going to try it today. We had a party here on Sunday and now we can't seem to shake the fruit flies... who know what dish brought them in but something sure did. I can't stand them so hopefully this works as well for us.

lar1203 said...

I'm going to do this RIGHT NOW! Thanks for posting!

The T Family said...

excellent!!! We always have trouble with them by the fruit in the summer!! I bought organic fruit fly traps that worked but this sounds even better AND cheaper!! THANKS

Anonymous said...

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