wear what you want wednesdays...

anyone ever heard of this? yeah, me neither. not till jeremy & lucy emerged from her room last week, lucy looking--um, how can i put this nicely--a little less than put together:

apparently "wear what you want" wednesdays are in effect around here. there's no eco-friendly aspect to this post (except if you count the fact that mama made the pants, and almost everything else is secondhand). but hey, toddler fashion can be inspiring, no? i mean, it takes guts to put yourself out there like that... and the upcycling of daddy's ankle socks as knee-highs (as seen in photo #2)? truly fabulous!


Blah Blah Blah said...

I completely agree, I'm just lucky mine picks shoes that match.

And I Hudson is on my "next" list, great choice.

Meghan said...

she is adorable, i love her style! very eclectic!