confession: this eco-oriented blogger used to be a thoroughly addicted target shopper. as in, once-or-twice-a-week shopper. as in, $100-each-time shopper. it was bad.

thankfully, things have changed. i no longer need (or want) much of what target sells. kids clothes? i'm buying used. personal products? i head to my local natural pharmacy, or buy online. cleaning supplies? we make our own with vinegar, baking soda, water and castile soap. clothes for me? eh, i just don't really buy clothes much anymore.

so how is it that your loyal blogger ended up at target today (black friday, no less)? well, must plead some innocence--i was there to return/exchange a few items of clothing that i'd bought earlier in the week. yes, i did hit up target recently for some inexpensive clothes while i wait for the remaining bits of my baby belly to go away. (i'm of the mindset that maternity clothes must NEVER be worn once the baby is actually out... but i digress).

anyhow, here's the problem with target: occasionally, they have really cute stuff. case in point: some lovely knee socks in the women's department. which were just begging to be made into fancy leggings for little lucy.

have you ever made your own babylegs? it's a too-simple project that's fast and fun. i initially learned from this tutorial, but find that serging the pieces together is quicker and yields a more professional-looking product. i also find that using unwashed socks works better than washing them first, for some reason. just make sure to wash them before you put them on your little one!

now, someone keep me away from target for the time being. that rack of socks is calling my name...

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