lucy is 18 months!!!

one and a half! it was slim pickings on photos this time around--the girl won't sit still for a second, and when she does, she's shooting her mama a sad face that says "can i get up yet?" or maybe it was just her serious cowboy face--don't mess with me. who can tell?

new talents include:

~ marching (inspired by the laurie berkner song "we are the dinosaurs.")
~ telling all the dogs in the neighborhood that they are "naughty." well, it's true, they are.
~ getting "cozy" with daddy--which basically entails burying him in a pile of blankets, pillows and books
~ learning the difference between garbage, recycle and compost
~ giving out hugs--nice, strong ones
~ reading to maizy
~ stringing words together--"read to me," "lucy high chair," mama all done," etc.

she's total cuteness. as always, you know?