the friday flea...

last friday we woke the kids super early for a trip to a not-so-local flea market to do a bit of shopping. lucy and hudson don't seem to mind an early wake-up call. i roused them at 5:05 and they were in the car by 5:10, still clad in jammies and snuggled in blankets. they no longer go back to sleep, as they used to, on the 2 hour drive. but they do stay pretty quiet until the sun begins to rise. from then on out, they jabber back and forth and eat a carseat breakfast. troopers, they are. all this secondhand shopping business runs in their blood.

we didn't get too many photos from the day--keeping up with the kids is more than enough work for jeremy and i together, especially when we're distracted by piles of good junk. by the end of the morning, though, our truck was loaded down with lots of good things for vintage resale, as well as some treats for ourselves.  

the truck, precariously stacked, mid-load. the only thing not bought at the market is my mammoth stroller, which always seems to take up a lot of valuable room, but is well worth it to keep those with tiny legs in good spirits.

lucy has long been asking for a "baby carrier, with buckles." something akin to an infant car seat, i think. since we don't buy anything new, my kids are becoming pretty good at understanding the concept of keep your eyes open, you'll find it. a lot of patience required, no doubt. i have been looking for a certain kind of can opener for quite awhile, to no avil. patience, patience.
lucy's slight concern over not finding the baby carrier yet again was erased when we came across the 1950's wind-up baby swing. she's currently got it set up in her room, where it is taking up at least a third of the floor space. we'll probably resell it soon, but she's having lots of fun with it so far.

hudson's dream came true with the purchase of this push mower. jeremy was quick to remind me that it is not actually a lawn mower, but a lawn moo-er. ha. this was the one item that hudson has been looking for. whenever we're out around lots of plastic toys at the park and such, he's always one to find a play mower and push it around non-stop until we leave. no idea why. i'm not one to buy cheapy, plastic toys, but here and there i have to remind myself to balance my own aesthetic with what my kids enjoy. the mower was $1, a small price to pay for some huddie-happiness.

hudson fell fast asleep as jeremy secured the load, but this little girl was all smiles. she requested the camera in order to take a photo of jeremy and i, which turned out not in focus but i think she did a pretty good job! i like how you can see the puff of sleeping hudson's hair in them.


my steal of the day was 3 pairs of jeans--two pairs of 7 for all mankind, and a pair of joes for the rock-bottom price of $25 total. for this mama, not buying new can prove very difficult in the clothes department for myself. finding a trio of designer jeans in my size at this market was extremely unlikely--i could not believe my good luck. it does prove, however, that if you wait long enough, you will eventually find it. patience, patience. a very good reminder.

what are you looking for?

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