nothing to terribly difficult, and nothing that's not been done many times before. but yesterday, late in the afternoon, while dinner cooked on the stove, i found myself making a small pile of hair clips. the difference, this time, is that little lucy helped--choosing and cutting the ribbons, picking out her favorite buttons--holding each up to the light and commenting on its merits. this one 'parkels! 

we were fighting a loosing battle--there was only a tiny bit of glue left in the gun, enough for exactly five clips, just as i had so wisely predicted. otherwise she would have put to use the entire stash of buttons, as there wasn't a single one that she didn't love, for reasons was intent on listing. 

crafting with my girl. accesory crafting with my girl, that is. just the start of many fun things ahead. and my boy? well, he busied himself with unfurling about 10,008 yards of ribbon. fun of a different kind, for sure. 

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