my splurge...

it probably comes as no surprise that i have got a thing for vintage kitchenware. however, last weekend i stunned even myself by dropping $15 on a vintage hand mixer at an estate sale. truth be told, hand mixers are not such a hot item--especially priced so high. there's no doubt in my mind that i could have gone back the following day and gotten it for much cheaper, or even for free. but i was caught up in the moment--a vintage hand mixer! in aqua!! and it works!!! and into the box it went.

this post would be much cuter if i showed pictures of the kids and i mixing up some fresh cream, right? sadly i have no cream until farmers market tomorrow. i used it to help thin out some applesauce i had cooking on the stove, but i forgot to add lemon juice to the pot and the whole bunch of it turned a very unappetizing shade of baby-poo-brown-green as it cooked down. not good. definably not photo-worthy. and hardly even edible, actually.

here's to whipped cream, tomorrow.

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