they're growing...

like all good babies, these turkeys seem to do nothing more than eat, drink and poo. i suppose they sleep as well, though we never see it because they're super skittish--the moment we are in the vicinity they pop up and appear on guard. perhaps they're just trying to make sense of us--the naked, shrieking toddler wielding sticks. the dog that stands on hind legs to sniff the coop, barking in earnest. the girl that dons rain boots brings with her a big cooking pot, which she overturns to make a  comfortable seat mack-dab in the middle of the shavings-covered floor. yes, we are a lively bunch.

at any rate, they've grown and as such, have been awarded a new, bigger coop, complete with perch which they took to immediately. books state that they're ready to be let out into the world at this point, for short trips, to forage and explore. 
yeah, i don't think so. maybe next week. i am not currently in the mood to climb trees.

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