if you're lazy...

if you're lazy like me, and are just now getting around to putting your christmas decorations away, here's a great idea for "upcycling" that stack of holiday cards: donate them to st. jude's ranch for children, a non-profit organization that provides abused & neglected children with a place to live outside of the foster care system. 

the kids at st. jude's ranch take the backs off of old cards, keeping the pretty front pictures, and attach a new back made of recycled paper, forming a "new" card. the program has been successful for over 30 years--way before going green was the "in" thing! upcycled cards are resold to the public in packages of 10 for $8. i assume that profits are put back into the program, but the website doesn't specifically state how the funds are used. 

the organization is accepting all kinds of greeting cards now through february 28th.  cards can be mailed to the following address: 

st. jude's ranch for children 
card recycling program
100 st. jude street
boulder city, nevada

i've always used my holiday greeting cards as the next year's gift tags--but i'm going the donation route this year, as i've enough tags for 10 years of gift-giving in my wrapping stash. plus, i just love the idea. it warms up my lil' heart.  


lar1203 said...

thanks for the tip! i was just thinking about what i should do with my cards!

Dana said...

Just found your blog - love it! I shared this idea with all my friends on Facebook.

MAK said...

That is an awesome tip! Thanks!