less catalogs...

it really happened. over the past 6 months, i've seen a drastic reduction in unwanted catalogs that somehow find their way into my mailbox. we're now averaging 1 per week instead of 1 per 1-2 days. very, very nice on more than one account: not only am i feeling better about saving a few resources, but i'm not so tempted to buy stuff that we don't need (or even know we want, until the catalog gets opened).  

i opted out of around 90 percent of my catalogs by using catalogchoice.org, a free service that works on behalf of the consumer to stop unwanted mailings in their name. for the "bad" companies that wouldn't work with catalogchoice (cough, pottery barn, cough), i called up directly and asked to be removed from their lists. 

all that said and done, i got a FABULOUS catalog in the mail awhile back, by a company called nova natural toys & crafts:

products made only of wood, wool, silk & other natural fibers? no plastics whatsoever? check. 
family owned & operated? check. 
organic items? check. 
fair trade items? check. 
toys made in the usa, england, australia, etc? check. 
catalog printed of fsc-certified materials? check.
responsible mailing practices? as in, not sending something out every single week (ahem, victoria's secret and crate & barrel, ahem)? double check. 

okay, i can breathe a sigh of relief about my guilt-free acceptance of this catalog. except, of course, for the fact that it makes me want to buy things. 

wooden teethers. cloth dolls. beechwood dinnerware. silk blankets. wooden playfood. merino wool clothing. their website can be found here
i was really excited to find this wooden version of the ever-popular plastic stacking rings. and i think it's a steal at $9.90. i happen to be holding off at the moment, to the best of my ability, anyway--my reserve seems to be wavering as i write this. but then, there's always the "hippified" version to consider. decisions, decisions...

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