good karma...

at least, it seems like good karma anyway.

one of my five-thousand-and-eight new year's resolutions is to stop using a throwaway cup when i happen to purchase some coffee while out and about. despite my musings about this awhile back, i never actually... well... made good on my musings. instead of getting myself a to-go container for coffee, i just stopped getting coffee. this was in part a way to fund mom & me yoga classes for i. and, as with most things, once i cut out my daily starbucks/peets run, i found myself less addicted to my daily starbucks/peets runs. funny how that works.

still, i've been known to show my face in a coffeehouse around once per week. and while i stopped getting the plastic lid for the cup (picture me promising to the drive-though barista that i'm not the type to sue if i happen to get burned from a lidless latte...), i was still getting the cup. there. i admit it. your loyal valley girl was taking and tossing. sigh.

until today--day three of my resolution. my mom offered to treat me to coffee, and i started to mumble, explaining that i hadn't brought a cup with me. mom kindly offered up her coffee tumbler (filled with some sort of beverage from her house). good enough. off to starbucks we went. when i got out of the car, i noticed my klean kanteen sitting in the cupholder, and figured it would work just as well as my mom's tumbler--then we could both sidestep using a disposable cup.

would you believe that the barista filled my 27 ounce klean kanteen full to the brim? i ordered a grande--16 ounces. did i just get lucky, or can i expect this gift on a regular basis? only repeated visits will tell, i guess. but it sure felt like a treat. in addition to my bonus coffee, two baristas fell out over the cuteness of my canteen, along with another coffeehouse-goer, who even poked at it, if you can believe that!

now, the klean kanteen isn't insulated with a double wall--meaning that it heats up quickly to the touch! i was able to work around this by holding my canteen by the neck with three fingers (pinky out! it must have appeared quite dainty!) but something needs to be done for functionality's sake. i searched etsy and love love LOVE this upcycled cozy but for the moment i am saving my pennies. (or at least pretending to). i may get around to making one of my own, but jeremy gave me the wise idea of using a sweatband/wristband to make due until then. it's a pink one--with a mini skull--that i had stashed in my sock drawer. my kanteen now looks delightfully retro. 1980 all the way, baby.

there you have it, folks. just another eco-friendly day gone right. and as i will never again accept a plastic bag at the supermarket or mall, i will never again drink my coffeehouse coffee from a paper cup. not as far as i can see, anyway. you have my word.

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