need ANOTHER reason...

to avoid high fructose corn syrup in your diet? besides, you know, being a chemically-altered sweetener that actually makes you hungrier in the long run? well, here you go: a recent study found mercury was present in one of every 3 name-brand HFCS-sweetened products. information on the study can be found here

mercury content arises out of the use of caustic soda in creating HFCS. maybe it's just me, but i don't want something called "caustic soda" anywhere near my food. and the people over at sweet surprise can try and twist things around all they want to (have you seen their terribly cheesy commercials yet?) but i'm not buying, both literally or figuratively. 

we've all but cut HFCS out of our diets, so finding that there could be a known toxin in products that contain it is pretty much a non-issue at my house. aside from the very occasional coke, i do not purchase any products that have HFCS on the label. shopping at trader joes makes this a pretty easy task. the same goes for all other artificial sweeteners--to me they just taste bad. i'd rather consume less of the real deal than tons of the fake stuff (though i've been known to consume tons of the real deal, too). 

by the way--the average american consumes 63 pounds of HFCS per year. and only 12 pounds of carrots. 

it's amazing what you can find on the internet. 

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