a load of crap...

was taken to our city's free e-cycling event over the past weekend. this was our first time getting rid of e-waste via a sponsored drop-off, and it was as simple and as painless as it could have possibly been--we didn't even have to get out of the car. our smallish load consisted of a computer monitor, my busted hairdryer, some kind of waxing machine, and other random small electronics. our garage is looking a bit cleaner, and i'm feeling nice and environmentally responsible. the experience was good all around. 

i live in a pretty smallish suburban town. multiply all the crap you see here by all the towns across the country, and you can see why e-waste is such a problem. a huge downside to technology moving so fast--just take a look at those totally outdated big screens--is that things become obsolete in shorter amounts of time, generating massive amounts of waste. there were several televisions in the pile that were totally comparable to the one i've got sitting in my living room (which we're currently using only to watch movies on, as no-television august carries into yet another successful month). aside from not being all cute and flat, there's nothing wrong with our t.v. in my eyes--but i guess where technology is concerned, functionality is in the eye of the beholder. 

my broken laptop still isn't remedied. i've shoved it aside in a fit of mourning for the time being. thankfully i have a husband who doesn't mind sharing his own computer--which led to our painful discussion regarding "what if it cannot be fixed?" could we (gasp) get by with just one computer? save ourselves $1,000 and, at least for the time being, another computer from landfill?

less is more. less is more. 

even the valleygirl has a hard time with this mantra now and again. 

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