tea tree oil...

saves my foot. 

i know it may be a great surprise for some of you to hear that your loyal blogger is an everyday human and, in fact, prone to nasty stuff like the rest of the population. well, consider yourselves surprised. i came down with an alarmingly gross case of athlete's foot-type fungus between two of my toes. it was all bumpy and bubbly and... what? you don't want to hear the nitty gritty details of my likely-contagious disease? okay. i'll spare you. for this time, at least. 

i read online that tea tree oil can treat foot fungus naturally, and since i happened to have a bottle from trader joe's lying around, i decided to give it a try. who knows that kind of stuff is in that over-the-counter athlete's foot treatment, right? i didn't even want to look into it as a possibility! so i went ahead with the tto. i did an "emergency-level" treatment when i first saw it (a piece of paper towel drenched in tea tree oil, wrapped around the afflicted toes, covered with a sock for a couple of hours) and then moved on to just dabbing the area with a bit of oil after i took a shower in the morning and before going to bed. 

end result? my fungus is totally on the mend, after only 4 days. naturally. 

keep it in mind if you ever find yourself unfortunately afflicted!


micaela6955 said...

OMG, that is so cool! I have that bubbly, stinky stuff between my toes too-moreso in the summer and everything I had tried wasn't working-even a prescription from the doctor. I have the tea tree oil on hand since it is a natural lice repellent, and I used it to treat my daughters laundry when she had an incident this past summer. I am definitely gonna try it now, because this is so nasty and I wanna wear sandals this summer!

Meghan said...

this is great to know. my father was hospitalized from a bacterial infection he got that entered his skin thru an athlete's foot infection. (crazy i know) i am so glad there is something natural he can use to help!