lucy is 10 months!!!

recently acquired talents include:

~kicking the crawling into high gear (when trying to beat mommy to maizy's water bowl)
~moving from the couch to the coffee table without help
~giving out kisses
~saying "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" while waving (this joins a vocabulary of "mama" and "woof")
~shrieking when she sees something she wants (when will the baby signing kick in?)
~taking 2-hour naps in the afternoon!!!
~understanding what "gentle" means
~unfolding folded laundry with glee

life with lucy is good...so good. cheers!

"how old is lucy gonna be soon? ONE!"


anon-dad said...

you should see my baby shes doing all those other things and is now giving hi-5's
and loving every minute of it.
shes about the same age as your baby but i think shes a little cuter than the first few picts of Lucys 10 month shoot. (she looks mean)
keep it up love your writing,sewing, and photos.

Abby said...

So sweet!

I have a 10 month old son and I think he's in love with your daughter! He was looking at her recent pictures and smiling and hitting the screen!

Awww! Happy 10 months to her!

Anonymous said...

I love her scrunched up smiles! So sweet!