all kinds of crafty...

saturday afforded me about 6 hours of lucy-less sewing time. i woke up early to make the absolute most of it, and ended up getting quite a bit done--here's how it all turned out!

first up: i'd promised a friend the gift of a flag bunting for her daughter's first birthday. the mama had loved the bunting my mom & i made for lucy's party, so i thought it only fitting that she have one of her own. though kind of tedious, these aren't very hard to make. i loosely followed a tutorial found here though my flags were much larger and double-sided. 2.5 hours of labor = 30 feet of reusable party decor. both mama and baby were thrilled with the gift (after all, it has kitties on it, which baby maggie adores). i dropped it by their house today. i look forward to seeing it hanging at the upcoming party, and will be sure to get a photo!

next up: a couple of items for lucy. i recently got my hands on a few vintage toddler clothing patterns (thanks molly) and have been having so much fun making clothes for lucy. the nice thing about vintage patterns is that they've already taken into account the bulk of cloth diapers--no adjustment needed. i whipped up a pair of summer pajama bottoms out of a super soft knit, and then made a pair of bloomers with an embroidered vintage applique on the rear. the applique was taken from an old tea towel--aren't these duckies just too cute?

next, a diaper that i owed for an upcoming etsy trade--in exchange, lucy is getting a pair of custom linen beach pants. aren't they adorable?

as if all that weren't enough for one day, i also made a portable cloth "high chair." i say high chair, but really, it's just a cuter answer to the old-school way of tying a baby into a regular chair with a dishtowel, and uses velcro as a fastener instead of a big ol' knot. we've frequented a few restaurants lately that don't have high chairs available, and lucy and i also have an upcoming getaway trip where packing her wooden high chair won't be an option. i haven't yet gotten pics of this "high chair" in action, but as soon as i do, i'll be sure to post them. 

fun stuff!

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