lucy is 13 months...

i really hadn't planned on keeping up with lucy's monthly photo shoots--then people started asking! so here's to another year of your monthly lucy--brought to you by none other than me, the mama. 

recently acquired talents include: 

~ WALKING! yep, this girl is on the move now, for realsies. photo shoots = a little difficult...
~ making a few different animal sounds--moo, quack, oink, baa, and "cracker" for parrot
~ asking "up" when she wants to be held 
~ climbing in and out of her wagon
~ trying to cuddle with the animals in her books
~ shrieking when she doesn't get her way
~ getting the mail (provided there's someone to lift her up to the mailbox)
~ blowing bubbles in the bathtub

toddlerhood has officially begun. cheers!

p.s. the big flower on lucy's head? her idea, not mine--swear. 

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Meghan said...

she is adorable! love the headband, she already has great style!