a handmade happy birthday...

we were a flurry of activity this past weekend! our outings included not only my own birthday celebrations, but also two first birthday parties--fun stuff. gifts were handmade: a 30-ft long flag bunting for little maggie (see previous crafting post) and an adjustable smock for the darling luna.

of course, i had to let lucy try it on for size. she much appreciated the pocket (perfect for holding gorilla munch) and was pleased with how the whole thing came out. it's a perfected version of the smocks i made at christmastime, and i am thinking of listing 1 or 2 in the etsy shop at the upcoming stocking. 

a year ago, i would have undoubtedly been running off to gap or children's place to buy these gifts. making them is good fun, and allows me to save a bit of money (most of the time). we've got another 1st birthday party coming this weekend--i've got to get busy on little lincoln's gift! 

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