farm box wednesday...

it's time for another round of fruits & veggies. here's what was in our csa box this week: 

a big basket of yellow cherry tomatoes (especially nice because the plants in our garden are proving slow-to-grow and don't yet have many flowers on them). 

a bunch of stem-topped carrots

2 yellow onions

a massive bunch of basil. i just bought a log of fresh mozzerella at trader joes this week, too. hmmm--tomatoes, cheese and basil? caprese salads are in our immediate future!

a bag of green beans

a bag of apricots

a basket of strawberries

lots of yummy stuff this week--we've now got a refrigerator stuffed full of fruit! jeremy and i bought 18 pounds of cherries at our local farmer's market last weekend. the season is drawing to a close and i was finding it hard to say goodbye to my favorite fruit. at $2/pound, these were even cheaper than when we went and harvested them ourselves. cherries do keep awhile in the fridge, but i'm still thinking we might have overestimated our ability to eat quite so many cherries--we'll see! 

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