great finds...

i spent quite a bit of birthday money out at the alameda antique fair last weekend. i tried to spend mostly on myself--but of course with lucy in tow, i couldn't help but pick up a few things for her as well. check it out... 

the greatest find by far was this vintage potty chair. lucy has been showing a bit of interest in potty learning, so the time was right. we knew we wanted a wooden one, but assumed that jeremy would build it since wooden potties are very expensive. well, for $20 we got ourselves a teeny toilet--missing only the bowl. i dug up an enamelware pot at home that fits perfectly, so we're set to go. here's to hoping i won't have 2 in diapers at once!

meet lucy's new dollie friend! i think this little guy is just too sweet, and so does lucy. i call him a "guy" because we actually found him some clothes at a garage sale this weekend. he now sports a pair of striped overalls, matching cap, and red kerchief. very cute! i have been looking for a non-breakable vintage doll for lucy. this was one of many out at the fair, but a sweet vendor gave me a discount for making an additional purchase--the rocking chair pictured below. 

lucy already has a pint-sized chair, but this rocker seemed too adorable to pass up. she loved it, i loved it, i had money in my pocket... what else can i say? check out the detailed decal on the back--perfect shape!

there's nothing like coming home from the antique fair with a bunch of new (old) stuff! of course, the only problem is where to put it... does anyone have a winning lotto ticket i could borrow? i need a bigger house. :)

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