farm box wednesday: failure alert.

we took a day trip yesterday and didn't make it back in time to pick up our csa box. major bummer. with advance planning, we could have likely found someone to pick it up for us (bribing with organic produce, of course), but we were footloose and fancy free and didn't think about our fruits and veggies until it was too late. 


well, at least we know it got donated to someone in need. still, not being able to enjoy our pre-paid produce isn't easy. especially because we'll miss this weekends farmer's market as well. 

and of course i find myself plagued with curiosity as to what was in the box... what are we missing? i know this week was supposed to bring the first slicing tomatoes--which would have been greatly welcomed, as our tomato plants are still not sporting much fruit, and what there is of it is still very small and green. what else did we miss out on?