farm box wednesday... the thursday edition.

the most important thing about subscribing to a farm box is remembering to pick it up. ours is open from 2-7 pm, a pretty substantial amount of time, right? boxes that aren't picked up get donated to a local food pantry. 

well, while sitting at the dinner table (6:15 pm) last night, and wondering what i was going to blog about, the thought came into my head that it was wednesday, and wednesdays on the blog are now farm box wednesdays. what did we get in the box? i couldn't remember. then it hit me that we didn't get anything in the box, because i neglected to actually pick up the box. oops. 

well, jeremy took the rest of his dinner for the road and managed to get to the pickup location in time. it seems we are true partners in this whole farm box thing--that's a good feeling. 

anyway, in the box this week: a bag of peaches, a bag of apricots, a small bag of cherries, carrots with the tops still on (super cute), some very small zucchini, a huge bag of arugula and a couple heads of garlic. 

this week's recipe is for a summer fruit crisp, using all of the fruits in our box, plus strawberries (which were in this week's larger boxes). i think it sounds delicious--but i haven't made it yet. maybe i should get off my bottom and go do that. 

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