blogging break...

we're off for an 8 day vacation... 4 nights of camping and then 4 nights of a girls-only lakehouse getaway. i've packed a zillion cloth diapers (we'll have laundry access at the house so i'll be able to wash dirties) and half a zillion toys, books, and articles of baby clothing. is there a saying about how much stuff is actually required for such a tiny person? if not, there should be. i could totally use it right about now. 

i found a roll of paper towels in my camping gear. i had already packed a very large stack of cloth rags--and found myself with no desire to use paper--they now seem so very inefficient to me. we'll see how it goes. i did dry our diapers in the dryer tonight for the first time in quite awhile--i needed them dry right away so i could pack them up. someone do some line drying for me this weekend to make up for it, okay?

happy fourth to all! see you when we get back. 

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