lucy is 14 months...

"but i don't wanna wear the fourth of july hat, mommy!"

"hi, party people!"

"hmmm, 14 months. i'm still little enough to ride in my mini wagon, right?"
"uh, that didn't go so well. maybe i am getting too big..."

"guess i'll carry it instead!"

i can't begin to explain how much this girl changes daily. she's talking up a complete storm--today she said studio. no kidding. i mean, it sounded a lot more like "to-de-ooo" but she got her point across. 

other newly acquired talents (besides holding down a conversation) include: 

~petting the doggie gently (a major milestone--maizy is quite thankful)
~letting us know when she's hungry or thirsty
~waking up earlier than the chickens on a regular basis
~getting through the day without a morning nap
~getting bonifide cases of the giggles
~bombarding me daily with kisses and hugs
~saying and signing "book," then picking one up and pretending to read, babbling on to herself about who knows what. darn cute, especially when she throws in a few animal sounds for good measure:

bok-bok, moooooooo, bababa, nay-nay, woof, oooo-oooo-oooo (monkey), vvvvvvvvv (elephant), meow meow, rarrrrr...  gotta love it. 


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