farm box wednesday...

hey, we actually made it to pick up today's csa box. good thing--it was filled with lots of good stuff. check it out: 

yukon potatoes
heirloom tomatoes 
a grapefruit 
donut peaches (super cute)
green beans
sweet corn
a mini watermelon

all this yumminess is coming with us camping this weekend--grilled corn on the cob, green beans dipped in hummus, watermelon chilled in the river. the tomatoes will be used in a caprese salad (mozzarella cheese, tomato & basil). i hope to fry up the potatoes for breakfast one morning. the peaches are, um, already gone and the grapefruit will be eaten as is. 


and on the topic of local eating, it seems i've got a picky eater on my hands. as in, she'll only eat strawberries that are picked from our yard--totally rejecting store bought. funny, because she devoured the ones that came in our farm boxes awhile back. 

well, we've only got a few strawberry plants and they don't sport a lot of berries--maybe 2 or 3 every few days. i tried hiding store-bought organic strawberries in the foliage, to see if she would eat them. 

and what do you think happened with that? "no way, mom. i'm too smart for this stuff," said the look on lucy's face as she spit out those berries.  

can't say i blame her. the homegrown ones really are 1,000 times tastier-- perfectly ripe, juicy, sweet and sun-warmed. next year, we're totally planting a massive strawberry patch. just wait and see. 

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