farm box wednesday...

jeremy missed our box last week while lucy & i were out of town. yes, i'm tattling on him--it's all in the name of documenting our csa membership honestly for you loyal readers. you've got to know the ups and downs, right? right. the score now stands at 2 missed boxes. double oops. 

this week's box, however was full of good stuff:

the first big tomatoes--a variety of reds & yellows
zucchini & yellow squash
yellow potatoes 


an unidentified melon. our box comes with a flier that lists out the contents, along with recipes and notes from the farm on production, what to look forward to, etc. well, jeremy totally redeemed himself for last week's slip-up by picking up today's box, but forgot to pick up the flier along with it. so i've got a curious melon sitting on my counter. it's small, more oval than round, and has a light-mid orange tint to the outer rind. it smells like cantaloupe, but looks like no cantaloupe i've ever seen, unless it's some kind of odd variety. it's obviously not honeydew, casaba or watermelon. and those are the only melons i'm familiar with. any guesses? haven't cut into it yet. 

we slow-roasted the farm box potatoes and garlic with rosemary in the oven tonight for an almost 100% local, organic dish (can't count the safflower oil and sea salt). it smelled fantastic, i haven't tasted any yet but am looking forward to them for breakfast tomorrow morning with an egg, if the chickens happened to lay one or two today (crossing fingers, as we've already eaten through our dozen eggs from saturday's farmer's market). 

right now though, i'm saving room for freshly-baked bread, which is due out of the oven in just under 10 minutes. slathered with local honey, of course. i haven't made bread in quite some time--i'd forgotten how totally simple it is, especially with the use of a kitchenaid mixer and dough hook attachment--no kneading necessary. the smell coming from the oven is like nothing else, and organic ingredients are readily available. i was at costco today with lucy and picked up a bag of bakery bagels, ready to thrown them in the cart for easy breakfasts. my eye caught on the surprisingly long list of ingredients--i mean, there's not too much to a bagel, right? well, right there in the middle of the list was high fructose corn syrup. hfcs? in fresh bagels? back on the shelf they went. hopefully lucy likes the homemade bread (sweetened with honey) instead.


Jodie said...

Ooh, I would love your bread recipe! I made some once with my mixer but it didn't turn out right, so I am looking for other recipes to try!

Hmm... said...

I'd love your bread recipe, too!

C and M said...

I'm also interested in your bread recipe.
Sounds like you've had a some great meals!

Travis said...

Did your melon have green flesh inside? My guess is a galia melon. Missing you and your family, we should hang out. Love, Travis, Maritza and Luna.