i splurged in the checkout line at whole foods the other day. stopped in to drop off some more #5's, and 6 glass milk bottles (each is worth $1.50 if returned after use) and decided to hit up their salad bar for lunch. whole foods now supplies completely compostable food containers and "spudware" utensils (made from potato starch and soy oil). both great options for someone on the go. but at checkout, my eye caught on the cute reusable set of bamboo cutlery pictured above. each includes a fork, knife, spoon and pair of chopsticks in a cute carrying case made from recycled soda bottles (i picked the pink one). the case has a mini carabiner clip, making it perfect for the diaper bag. cost = 11.99. 

now it's very true that i could have easily assembled a similar set by getting a few thrift store utensils together and crafting a similar case. but sometimes a girl just wants to spend her milk bottle money on something special, you know?

if you're as in lust as i was, sets can be purchased here

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islandsinthestream said...

So are adorable, and would be GREAT for camping. I hate looking for something to put the utensils in. :)