bounce, bounce...

people often ask me how i manage to go garage sale-ing and thrift store shopping with the kids in tow. well, the true answers are as follows: i bring lots of food. i bring another grown-up whenever i can. i cut it short when things aren't going well. and, well, i buy them things while we're out and about. call it bribery if you will, but they seem to enjoy going along on these thrifting trips. and lucy's pretty clear on the "one toy in, one toy out" rule, so our house hasn't (yet) imploded from too many toys. she also knows the difference between garage sales and estate sales. pretty decent for a two year old, no?

here are their big treats for this weekend--both were of the bouncy sort. see below!

1970's hoppity horse in great shape (once i gave it a good scrub-a-dub-dub). $5.

vintage johnny jump up "baby exerciser." in the original packaging,
with postmark oct. 17th 1969. can you believe i put my baby in this?!?! after a couple of bounces, i relaxed a bit--this thing is sturdy! $2.

we are bouncing off the walls here at the valley girl home, people. literally!


Lillian said...

LOVE this post:)

Carol said...

Christopher had a Johnny Jump up when he was a baby. He loved it.

The T Family said...

the johnny jump up is probably more study than todays jumpers!!! ;) Things were built so much better back then. Glad your littles are having a bouncy time!

Anonymous said...

My mom swears by the jumper. She used to put my brother and I in it and we'd bounce ourselves to sleep, then she'd leave us in it and clean house : )