hudson is 10 months old!

can you see him??? we finally got around to finding ourselves a "10." let's just say it was a tough shot--though hudson put up with being stranded on a random sidewalk pretty well. tiny guy, big world!

"huddie is this many!"

new talents include:

~ standing on his own
~ eating with a fork and spoon (prior to throwing food all over the floor)
~ spitting out the foreign objects he's stuffed into his mouth when asked to do so
~ feeding mama
~ second word: chicken. no kidding!
~ entertaining lucy. this two-kid thing is really starting to pay off.

it's almost time to start planning a birthday party. say it isn't so! this guy keeps us on our toes, but we're head over heels in love with him just the same. happy 10th month, hudson!


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Anonymous said...

So adorable. I love his crawling face. : )