when it's hot...

the temperature inside of our house has finally gone down from 95 to a much more comfortable 80 degrees. of course, comfortable is a relative term. nothing like a summer-style heat wave to kick off the first week of autumn. hello, california. nice to see you again.

nights like these, we're doing pretty much everything outdoors. cooking, eating and even bathing. well, as far as the kids are concerned, anyway. though if the neighbors weren't a factor, you'd totally find my tush in that tub. it looks quite nice.

an added bonus to all the outside activity is that the inside stays relatively clean. there are fewer dishes, no floor to mop and the ring around the bathtub is non-existent. i'm a full believer in the notion that ring around the bathtub is a sign of great parenting (the dirtier the kid, the better the day!), but seriously, lucy & hudson's bathwater is more like pondwater by the time they hop out of the tub. thankfully, i've found that the homemade laundry soap battles the ring left behind quite nicely. when i get around to it, and all.

three cheers for the heat wave...

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