super simple dinner...

oh, yum. california's tomatoes were a definite late start this year, due to record-breaking cool weather. now that the tomatoes are finally ripe, we're able to enjoy them for a bit before they disappear for yet another year. this meal was super simple to make (an adaptation from a martha stewart recipe). scooped out tomatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper. minced onion, finely chopped spinach, a half cup or so of fresh corn kernels. all whisked together with a few fresh eggs, and poured into the tomato cups. topped with a flavorful cheese (we used a dry goat's milk ricotta). bake at 375 until eggs are firm. delicious!


kristen f said...

Looks good!

I did a stuffed zuke this week from my friend's garden. It was huge! At least a foot and a half long.

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paigely said...

mmmm-sounds delicious!