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i hadn't sewed for lucy in awhile, and was looking for an easy project. this little smock from my bend the rules sewing book was the perfect thing--i knocked it out in an afternoon, using vintage sheets and bias tape. lucy threw on the smock and we got down to business making dinner--baked egg cups inspired by a "muffin tin meals" article in a martha stewart magazine. see below for the how-to:

for some reason i stopped taking pictures? must have been hudson up from his nap, broken egg on the floor, dog barking at the mailman, washing machine making a funny noise, phone ringing but nowhere to be found, chickens getting into the house through a hole in the screen door. look at that, i'm practically a country song! anyhow, season with salt & pepper, top with cheese. bake at 35o until eggs are set. mine were overdone. go figure.

fun times!

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lar1203 said...

haha! love your blog!