crossing fingers, crossing toes...

that i get picked to volunteer at a counting crows concert next month! counting crows (my all-time favorite band, by the way) has partnered with reverb, a non-profit organization that is "deeply rooted within the music and environmental communities, to educate and engage musicians and their fans to promote environmental sustainability."

reverb will be setting up an eco-village at each tour location. volunteers interact with concert-goers to provide information on lowering carbon footprints, green technologies, and to pass out eco-friendly samples. this is so, so right up my alley right now. i cannot tell you how exciting the idea is to me.

as a thank you for helping out, volunteers get to stay and watch the show for free. i already have tickets to one of the local shows (birthday gift from lucy & jeremy) but to watch back-to-back shows (2 nights in a row!) would be a dream. um, can you tell how much i love the counting crows?

me, 2 years ago at a counting crows concert. you can SEE adam duritz (lead singer) right behind me. actually, to the left of my left eye. green shirt, dreadlocks sticking up all over the place. yeah, he signed my pants. and he gave me a hug after he was done, even though he didn't really want to. it went like this:

me: ohmygodcanigiveyouahug?

him: uh, i don't really do that.

me: pleasepleaseplease.

him (looking around): okay, just be quick.

me: eeeeeeeeeeee!

in all seriousness, i love the idea of this organization and i would be thrilled to be a part of it. they hook up with bands, in hopes for carbon-neutral concerts. vehicles & generators run on biodiesel, catering products are biodegradable, they recycle as much as possible, use eco-friendly cleaners, sell eco-friendly merchandise, etc. if you want to read more about all the good things that reverb does, and the amount of carbon that they offset, click here.

okay. if you (my 16 loyal readers) are at all the hoping & wishing type, please hope & wish for me. i submitted a little form touting all of my eco-friendly ways. i did not forget to mention that i have loved counting crows since i was 13. all that's left to do is wait & see.

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