tried it: trader joe's toothpaste...

specifically, trader joe's all natural anticavity peppermint toothpaste with baking soda & fluoride. (that's a mouthful).

after trying a couple of different flavors of tom's of maine toothpaste (peppermint and cinnamon clove) without success, i decided to give the trader joe's brand a go. i like it! the flavor is good, without being too fake-minty. it's kind of heavy on the baking soda, but my mouth really does feel clean after i'm done brushing, which is a nice change from the tom's of maine cinnamon clove.

this toothpaste foams without the use of sodium laureth sulfate (sls), a suspected carcinogen. the sls-free paste from tom's of maine that i tried was not nearly as foamy, and made brushing very... strange to say the least. anyway, it's also free of propylene glycol (a form of mineral oil also used in brake fluid & antifreeze) and artificial sweeteners. not tested on animals, either.

recommend this product? yep. my teeth are thanking me! yours will too!

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