my baby...

is super shiny. that's because she gets a nightly massage with extra virgin olive oil. straight up, no additives or fragrances. the same stuff that we cook with. the massage instructor at elephant pharmacy recommended either olive oil or coconut oil. since we buy olive oil in bulk at costco, that's what i'm currently using... but i'm keeping my eye out for a place (besides online) where i can buy organic coconut oil. a trip to whole foods may be in order. the instructor stressed steering clear of the use of all nut oils on children under 1 year of age, since nut allergies can be life-threatening. coconut is not a nut though. tricky!

the amount of chemicals in a simple bottle of baby lotion is pretty surprising. besides artificial fragrances, parabens and random unpronounceables, the main ingredient is often mineral oil. mineral oil, also known as baby oil, is a by-product that comes from the distillation of petroleum during the production of gasoline. not something i want to be rubbing on my baby every night. you know?

lucy seems to much enjoy her nightly massages. she gets all greased up, rubbed down, and when we're done i tell her that she smells like fresh pasta. it's a bit of a departure from that familiar (and delicious) "baby" scent that we all know and love, but it seems a safer choice and it happens to be working out well. besides, fresh pasta is smells delicious too... just in a different way!

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wide-eyed and waggy-tailed said...

Hello Valley Girl Goes Crunchy,
Great blog! I found it because I work for Elephant Pharm and have a an "elephant pharm" daily google alert. I flipped through a few posts and am so happy to see tons of great info and recommendations.

I wanted to let you know that we do carry coconut oil. Here are some customer favorites:

-Garden of Life (Organic, extra-virgin, expeller pressed)

-Spectrum (organic, virgin, expeller-pressed, unrefined)

-Nutiva (100% Raw Certified Organic Extra-virgin)

Thanks for visiting the store!