i've got mom on my side...

lucy and i went shopping with my mom today. i'm so proud of her. ever since i bought her a set of envirosax for mother's day, she's been refusing plastic bags wherever she goes... the grocery store, target, clothes shopping, etc. often times i'll have forgotten my own and am preparing to shlep my purchases out of the store in my arms. my mom is always at the ready, whipping a bag from out of her purse and offering it up to me. "you need one?"

it's great to see how one person making a positive change can inspire someone else to do the same. and it shows that even though our singular efforts might not seem like enough, they're still quite capable of having exponential impact. maybe my mom will inspire one of her friends to do as she's done. and the friend to a friend. and so on, and so on. like pondwater rippling outward, or whatever.

my mom said the other day she forgot to tell the cashier that she didn't need a bag, and when she looked down her stuff was already in the plastic. she told the cashier (politely of course) that she had her own bag. the cashier took the items out of the plastic bag and... threw the bag in the garbage. hmmm. not so effective. now, when that happens, my mom says "oh, i have my own bag. you can give this one to somebody else." ah, my mom. clever lady, right?

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