we've been bamboozled...

another diaper to fall in love with. i bought a gently used bamboozle fitted for our cloth diaper stash. we tried it today for the first time and it worked perfectly. bamboo happens to be a super absorbent fiber--60% more absorbent than regular cotton, in fact. lucy wore this diaper through an hour or so of playtime and then a short nap. when it was time to change her, the front of the diaper was partially damp, and the back still felt dry to the touch. that same amount of time in a kissaluv and she would have been soaked for sure.

bamboo, as a fiber, has other benefits as well. with antimicrobial properties, a moisture-wicking nature and a silky feel to the touch, it's an absolutely perfect material for making diapers. a renewable resource, bamboo can be grown quickly and without pesticides or fertilizers, making it an eco-friendly replacement for labor-intensive cotton. a few quick facts about bamboo:

*bamboo isn't wood, but a hollow grass that renews itself every 7 years or less.

*certain species can grow up to 3 feet per day. plants can reach up to 100 feet in height.

*bamboo is used as a replacement for steel in some tropical countries, as certain species are extraordinarily resistant to stretching. houses, bridges and scaffolding can be built from bamboo!

* bamboo wicks moisture away from the skin, making it great for sheets, clothing & of course, diapers.

someone got a big ol' booty!!! the bamboozle diaper topped w/ fleece 'sock monkey' cover i made. um, girlfriend is going to need some bigger pants...

so my only complaint about this diaper is that it's (obviously) pretty bulky. my thought on this, though, is that lucy is still small. the dipe only comes in 2 sizes, newborn & toddler. she'd be barely fitting into the newborn size, so i went with the larger. perhaps as she grows, the diaper will become a bit more trim.

our bamboozle will quickly become a favorite, i'm sure. and i'll be keeping my eye out to see if i can get another deal on a used one (i think i paid $11 or so). at $18.50 a pop for new, i can't justify buying a bunch unless i sell off some non-favorites from our current stash.

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Kelly Marie said...

oh boy, this makes me want to buy more diapers, even though we don't really use diapers that often anymore!