no-television august...

maybe i'll just start giving something up every month?

we had dinner outside tonight. it was warm and not windy, so the three of us headed out to the deck and ate alfresco. lucy laid on her back and stared up at the sky, kicking and smiling and cooing. it was wonderful.

jeremy and i have been eating in front of the t.v. for as long as i can recall. here and there we'll sit at the table, but the vast majority of the time we're plugged in. we've talked about changing this bad habit since lucy is here. the question was when to do it. and i suppose now is as good as ever.

we don't watch a ton of t.v., so i don't expect this to be too hard. but we'll see. i do love to watch the food network. i stopped watching channels like mtv & vh1 as soon as i brought lucy home. i don't want her to be exposed to all of that crap (that i really used to be addicted to... the hills... i love new york... rock of love...). we also took the television out of our bedroom, which felt kind of like a big deal and now i don't even miss it.

anyway. that's where we're at.

oh, and a disclaimer: movies don't count. as long as we don't watch them during dinnertime, that is. we don't watch very many movies but sometimes it is nice to kick back and veg out.

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Justk said...

LOL. I gave up TV two years ago for Lent-- it was the longest 40 days of my life but in the end, I got a lot of reading done and I didn't miss it terribly. Hubster has always hated the boob tube. So no cable for us-- we just get Netflix and now that the summer is here I have vowed not to get addicted to any of the upcoming reality shows for next season. I'm actually considering putting a velvet curtain over our TV so it's more like a special theatrical experience for my child(ren) when we remove the curtain to watch a movie. GL...you're almost through August!