no-dryer july officially ends...

yay. i did it.

i will say this, though. hanging laundry is a lot of work. not hard work, but work. worth it? probably. we saw a lower energy bill and i think i'm looking blonder from all the sunshine. jeremy installed a really great clothesline that replaced the teeny one on our deck, making everything much easier that it was at the beginning of the month.

as stated a few posts back, i'm going to keep it up through the month of august. i'm interested to see what a full month's energy bill will look like. the cloth diapers are due for a tumble dry on high heat though, to reseal the waterproof layer. i'll save that for a trip i'm going on mid-month. there's a washer/dryer where we're staying, i think, so we'll be doing cloth diapers even though it's a 5-night trip.

ALSO! my brother's no-drive august has started. can't wait to hear how (and if) it's going.

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