i can post pictures of something i've been working on! 

a "let's get messy, mommy" smock! this isn't technically a christmas present--lucy and i gifted it today to lucy's good friend rain, who has just turned a year old. the idea came about after i made a big mistake while cutting out a pattern for another gift. (what that gift was i can't say, but i was very near tears while staring at my huge chunk of expensive, yet wrongly-cut fabric).  

i kept staring, and noticed that the shape of it looked kind of like the waterproof smocks that lucy wears while playing in the water at habitot. so i just rolled with that idea, making things up as i went. and since i'd not only cut out the pattern wrong once--but twice!--lucy will have a coordinating smock to wear while she and rain get dirty on playdates in the future. partners in crime, those two!

the smocks both have a divided front pocket for stashing good things, are reversible, and are fully adjustable size-wise. i tried one on lucy but didn't get a picture as the camera battery had died. anyway, it fits her perfectly when fully cinched. i tried it on myself later (fully let out) and it fit me pretty well too (though a little narrow across the top!). here's to hoping that these smocks get a lot of use in the coming years!

i'll be making more of these--they're just too cute and really simple. if there's any interest, i'd be up for putting together a tutorial!

of to go bury myself in last minute christmas crafting now... 


daisies916 said...

I'm definately interested in a tutorial!! Super cute!!

Krysta Bye said...

I too, would be VERY interested in a tutorial!