tried it--trader joe's tea tree tingle...

the only image i could find. quite the swanky place to set the shampoo, no?

i think i've found my new shampoo and conditioner. i have been using this stuff for a couple of weeks, and have not a single complaint. i first tried it on my trip to monterey--it was what the homeowners of our rental property supplied in both showers. i stood there reading the ingredient label, about to suds up with my own shampoo, and realized that the list was without parabens, sls, or a long list of un-pronounecables. i'm generally not a fan of tea tree oil--it's way to strong and medicine-y for my personal taste. but a tentative sniff revealed that this line has mostly a peppermint fragrance, with just a hint of tea tree.

so i used both the shampoo and conditioner with excellent results. i found the shampoo to be more sudsy, and the conditioner more creamy, than the bee-hair-now shampoo and conditioner that i was using at that time. the main list of ingredients is natural plant extract, with both using sodium hydromethylglycinate as a preservative in place of parabens. i did a little bit of research on this chemical--it's listed in the skin deep database as a 2 on their 0-10 spectrum, which qualifies as a low hazard. there are some concerns that it's still a manufactured chemical, and therefore not the "natural" preservative that it's touted to be. at this point, with what i've researched, i still feel okay coming into contact with this ingredient.

the best part about this new product is the price. at under $4 per bottle, it's significantly cheaper than the bee-hair-now. comparing the two, bee-hair-now does still come out on top in a couple of categories--lots of their ingredients are organic, and the products are certified fair trade. however neither of the lines are tested on animals, both come in containers i can recycle curbside, and when all is said and done, i like how my hair is feeling with the trader joe's line. i'll continue to use both brands on a regular basis, but certainly plan on buying trader joe's again. bee-hair-now will probably not become a standby in my shower.

speaking of showers, lucy has decided she's ready to move on from her countertop baby bath. how did she communicate this desire to dear old mom & dad? well, she started attempting to climb out of the tub, which is all too funny because bathtime is one of her favorite times in the day. we've since transitioned her to the regular bathtub, where she can float on her back, kick, attempt to crawl, and otherwise flop like a fish. the metal plug chain seems to be her newest fixation.

where's all this going? well, it's kind of an eco-issue, as we're now using a lot more water nightly. as always, i'n trying to cut back where we can, but in general i just feel like we're using tons of water. like most people with babies, we've got an endless pile of laundry. like most people who stay home all day, we've got extra dirty dishes. like most people that LOVE hot showers, we LOVE our hot showers. next month's water bill will indicate the true story--we may be no longer watering the yard, but i suspect that we're still using too much, especially with water restrictions due to a current shortage in the california bay area.

p.s. the tea tree tingle really does tingle!

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